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The English Premier League is considered one of the most important events in the field of football. With the league being so popular, there are many football betting options available on online betting platforms like Red18. You can enjoy placing live bets while you are watching every football betting action happening in real time via the live streaming feature.

We can’t deny the fact that betting on EPL football matches is just so exciting and profitable as well. If we are going to look at the history of sports betting, the love for soccer and the love for betting perfectly blend in and become one of the anticipated competitions to place bets today.

How do EPL Games Work?

Before you start placing bets in an EPL match at Red18, you must first understand how the EPL League works. From August to May, 20 football clubs are competing against each other to be the English Champions of the season. In a double round-robin system, teams will be facing each other in a match twice, once at home and once away, for a total of 380 matches in a season. The teams will play one of their two matches at their stadium, giving them home-ground advantage in half of their games.

When it comes to scoring, a team can earn 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss. And the final ranking and winner are decided by the combined points earned by each club. If there’s a draw, additional criteria such as goal difference and number of goals scored are used to decide the final rankings. In the event that the tie still exists, then a play-off match will be held in a neutral stadium that is not the home ground of either team competing in the tie-breaker match.

The Big Six To Watch Out When Betting On EPL At Red18

Not every team in the English Premier League is equal, and certain clubs are consistently excelling on the scoreboard. Over the past few years, there have been six teams, popularly called “The Big Six”, that are consistently achieving top results and are widely regarded as the most successful in the league. These are the teams to watch when checking out soccer betting odds at Red18 Online Casino.

  • Arsenal
  • Chelsea
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester City
  • Manchester United
  • Tottenham Hotspur

Betting On EPL At Red18: Popular Types Of Bets

1×2 Bet

In this type of football bet, you’re predicting the result of a game with three possible outcomes. The “1” refers to the home team’s win, “X” refers to the match ending in a tie, while the “2” refers to the away team being the winner.


In this type of sports bet, the underdogs receive a handicap from the bookmaker to give them an edge over the favorites. The underdogs begin with a lead in goals whereas the favorites start behind in goals. To win the bet, the stronger team must exceed their handicap value. When you bet on the underdog, they need to either win or lose by a smaller margin than the handicap assigned to them.


Also referred to as totals, this type of bet works the same as how it works with other sports. Here, the bookmaker is setting an over/under value, and bettors will be placing bets on whether they believe that the total score will exceed or fall short of the values set by the bookmaker. If the value exceeds the over threshold, and you bet on the over option, you will be the winner. On the contrary, if the outcome is below the set value, and you place a bet for totals — under, you are the winner.

EPL Betting At Red18 Online Casino

Now that you have learned the basics about the English Premier League and how EPL betting works, you’re set to place a bet with the best soccer odds you can find at Red18. Red18 Online Casino is always dedicated to bringing you the best soccer betting stats and odds to help you make smarter football bets. If you’re interested in participating in football betting in Singapore, go ahead and visit Red18 Sports betting today!


What Does BTTS Mean In EPL Betting?

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) is one of the football betting markets that appeals the most to punters who want to create accumulators since the odds against both teams winning are usually short. Many Singaporean punters often choose to bet on five or more games where both teams score and certain sportsbooks provide pre-made accumulators with a refund guarantee if only one result in the accumulator fails to win.

How Can I Place A Bet On The English Premier League?

To participate in EPL betting in Singapore, simply sign up for an account at Red18 and look for available EPL matches and betting options. You can choose from a number of betting options offered by the platform, examine the odds, and proceed to make your EPL bets.