Over the past years, blackjack has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the most favored casino games — be it in land-based or online casinos. Truth is, even if you don’t have prior experience in the game, you’ll find yourself attracted by this game.

Thanks to its easy gameplay and profitable potential, this classic table game has been drawing many players to play the game for many years. And now, it continues to captivate new players, but this time, in the online gambling environment.

If you haven’t explored blackjack in an online casino in Singapore, now’s the perfect to do it. You can easily immerse yourself in the vast selection of blackjack games you’ll find at Red18 — no matter what level of experience you have of the game.

The Fundamentals

If you’re excited to play blackjack at Red18 Singapore online casino, it’s best to spend some time understanding and learning the basics. Whether you are a complete beginner or already have some background in the game, learning the blackjack fundamentals will give you a quick refresher.

How To Play Blackjack Online?

In any type of blackjack game, your main goal is to get 21 points or as close to it as possible without going over it. In addition, the dealer’s hand total must be lower than yours or go over 21 for you to win.

The game begins after you place a bet in the designated area on the table. Then, the dealer will start dealing two cards facing up to all the players. The dealer will also get two cards, but this time, there’s only one card facing up.

And depending on your card’s worth, you can either split your hand or double down your bet. You can also just keep what you have or ask for another one.

If you choose to double down, you’ll receive just one more card while doubling the amount of your bet. This move can be a bit risky for newbies because you can’t hit another card when you get a low-value card. Sadly, you might end up losing more money in this case. But if you do it right, and you luckily get a card that allows you to get closer to 21, doubling down on blackjack can be just as lucrative.

To help you get started and make smarter moves, you can consult a blackjack strategy card as you play in a Singapore online casino.

Popular Blackjack Variants To Play At Red18

  • Classic Blackjack – This version is one of the most popular games played at Red18, and it uses 2 to 4 decks of cards. In Classic Blackjack both players and dealers get 2 cards each. And the dealer will stop at soft 17 when they have an ace.
  • European Blackjack – In this blackjack variant, things work a bit differently because if you want to double down, you can only do it when your cards add up to 9, 10, or 11.
  • Blackjack Pontoon – In this version, the dealer gets dealt two cards facing down while the players can stand on any hand value that’s 15 or higher.

Ready To Bet Big And Win Big With Blackjack At Red18?

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What’s The Best Strategy To Use When Playing Blackjack Online At Red18?
Using the basic blackjack strategy is the most effective way that you can use to lower down the house edge and enhance your winning potential. Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced in playing the game, you’ll never stray from this blackjack cheat sheet.

Is It Safe To Play Twenty-One At A Singapore Online Casino?
Absolutely, yes. You can safely play online blackjack games as long as you opt for a licensed and regulated platform. At Red18, you can bet big and play the best online casino games with 100% confidence because the site is licensed and guarantees that every game has been independently tested and certified for fairness.

Can I Play Blackjack At Red18 For Fun?
Absolutely yes, you can play any blackjack variant for free. In fact, we advise you to take advantage of playing in the demo mode so you can practice well.