Football Betting Singapore

Regardless of where you came from, when the question of the most popular sports in the world is, then you are most likely to answer — football. That’s because this sport has a very strong following worldwide, not to mention that tournaments like EPL and FIFA World Cup have managed to rack up billions of viewers for a single match.

And while Singapore hasn’t recognized this team sport as a national sport, it’s nevertheless one of the most loved and extensively watched sports in the nation. Football betting is, in fact, one of the most popular alternatives available on Singaporean online betting sites.


Singapore’s Soccer Betting Landscape

If you’ve been engaging in sports betting, then you’re more likely aware that Singapore has a stringent regulation when it comes to gambling, and they only permit this activity in a controlled environment.

Despite the strict regulation on football betting, residents of the country still have options for participating in this activity. One of these is through the state-owned company, Singapore Pools, which offers both online and retail sports betting. Yet, there are still strict restrictions in place that hinder many locals from fully enjoying the experience of soccer betting.

Fortunately, players from Singapore can still participate in football betting with offshore online betting sites like Red18. Compared to Singapore Pools which only accepts players aged 21 and above to place bets, Red18 accepts bets from players as young as 18 years old. Additionally, Singapore Pools limits the types of sporting events on which bets can be placed and only includes soccer betting and horse race betting.

Leagues Available For Football Betting At Red18

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is the world’s most important int’l team sports event. It has a qualification system that decreases the number of countries competing in the World Cup Finals from 211 to only 32. Although the main event only happens every 4 years, football betting fans see the World Cup as a great opportunity to place bets from the qualifying rounds up to the championships.

English Premier League (EPL)

The English Premier League (EPL) is one of the most popular leagues globally that features some of the world’s top football clubs. From August to May, these 20 clubs are competing for the title of English Champions. They are facing each other in a match twice and for a total of 380 matches — once at home and once away.

Because of the popularity of the league, you’ll be able to have a wide range of football betting opportunities, too. And get this — the Premier League also has the highest viewership of any sporting event covered by Red18. We also offer a free EPL livestream in Singapore, so you can fully enjoy placing bets on each match.

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Spanish La Liga

Primera División, Spanish La Liga for some, or just simple La Liga, brings together the 20 best clubs from Spain in a competitive battle for the championship title. With a total of 38 matches happening throughout the season, Singaporean punters have plenty of chances to participate in football betting.

At Red8, our bettors love placing bets on the world’s most technical league, the Spanish market. Technically speaking, La Liga stands out above the rest, and it boasts a long history of success in European competitions. And let’s not forget the iconic “El Clásico” match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, which is one of the most highly anticipated and heavily bet on fixtures in the world.

Italian Serie A

Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A, or simply Seria A, is Italy’s top professional football league that has been existing since 1898 and has retained its current organization since 1929. The prestigious Coppa Campioni d’Italia trophy has been awarded to the champion team since 1961.

Initially, there were 18 teams in the league, but over time, the number of teams has fluctuated between 16 and 21. Starting with the 2004-2005 season, the league has featured a total of 20 clubs. Today, the division is commonly called Lega Serie A or simply Serie A.

German Bundesliga

Bundesliga, Federal League for some, is considered a premier soccer tournament in Germany wherein it features 18 best soccer clubs competing in a home-and-away schedule. Teams receive points for their play, and regardless of how many games they played, the team with the most points at the end of the season will be the “Deutscher Meister,” or Bundesliga champion.

French Ligue 1

Since 2002, the top-tier league of French football has been referred to as Ligue 1, but before that, it was known as Division 1. The current format of the league was established in 1932, two years after professional football was legalized in France.

Each of the 20 participating clubs plays 38 games in a season, with home and away games. Since the 1994-95 season, a win is worth three points, and a draw is worth one point. In the 2015-2016 season, Paris Saint-Germain set a new single-season points record and earned an impressive 96 points.

Asian Football Confederation (AFC)

Founded on May 8, 1954, the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) is the region’s governing body for football and is also one of the six confederations under FIFA.

The AFC now has 47 member associations and their headquarters are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Football betting fans have many opportunities to place bets on AFC matches because the confederation also oversees the World Cup qualifications aside from organizing major tournaments such as the:

  • AFC Asian Cup
  • AFC Champions League
  • AFC Cup
  • AFC Futsal Club Championship

The AFC Asian Cup is widely regarded as the most prestigious football competition in the Asian region. For every four years, the national teams from each member nation are competing to be crowned champions of Asia. This tournament is the second-oldest continental football competition globally, after Copa América.

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Is It Legal To Bet On Football At Red18 Singapore Online Casino?

Yes. Ever since Singapore Pools was established in 1968, football betting has been legalized in the country. If you want to place a bet in an offshore betting platform like Red18, you can do so because this site is a licensed and regulated online casino. So, you can rest assured that you are safe and secure in participating in online sports betting in the country.

Can I Possibly Earn Actual Cash By Betting On Soccer At Red18?

Certainly, you can. Placing bets on football or any other sporting events offered by Red18 gives you a chance to possibly earn some real money when your bet wins. No matter what type of bet you prefer – moneyline betting, spread betting, or live betting, Red18 offers an extensive range of football betting markets that you can surely enjoy.

Why Red18 Is The Best Place For Online Sports Betting?

Red18 offers a wide range of sporting events all year round, and it covers both local and international sports leagues. Aside from that, they also offer the best competitive odds you’ll ever find in the market and the most generous sports betting bonus you can use to enhance your bankroll.