If you enjoy playing table games, then you shouldn’t miss trying a hand or two of baccarat games in an online casino in Singapore. Back then, this card game was seen as only enjoyed by the upper class. But now that online casinos are becoming effortlessly accessible, players in Singapore now have the freedom to enjoy these exciting table games anytime they like.

Additionally, many were convinced that the easy gameplay of the baccarat game set it apart from other card games offered by Red18. Except for the betting part, you won’t feel pressured to make major decisions. That’s why live baccarat games remain as one of the most played games at Singapore online casinos.

How To Play Baccarat Casino Game Online?

Baccarat is seriously one of the easiest games you’ll find in a Singapore online casino. You can rest assured that with only two hands, two cards, and three ways to bet, you can understand how it works in no time. To start, understanding the value of each card in Baccarat is very easy. It’s as uncomplicated as the game itself: cards 2-9 hold their face value, 10-K is worth 0, while an Ace is worth 1.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s break down the sequence of a Baccarat hand into four easy steps.

  1. Before the dealer deals any cards, you need to place a bet on one of the three winning outcomes — Banker, Player, or Tie.
  2. After all the cards are dealt, the dealer will reveal all the cards.
  3. The dealer will then calculate the totals for each hand and determine the winner. The hand that comes closest to 9 (without exceeding it) wins.
  4. If you wager on either the Player’s or Banker’s hand, and it results in a tie, your bet is typically refunded. But, if you specifically place a bet on a Tie option, you’ll be paid out at odds of 8:1. Then again, this payout ratio may vary depending on the online casino and Baccarat variant you are playing.

Drawing Rules

Hold on, there’s something else you also need to know! Similar to Blackjack, there are some situations in which either the player or banker will draw a card.

Banker TotalPlayer 3rd CardBanker Needs To
0 to 2AnyDraw A Card
3Any Card Except 8Draw A Card
42 to 7Draw A Card
54 to 7Draw A Card
66 or 7Draw A Card

Baccarat Payouts & House Edge

The payouts for the Baccarat casino game are as follows:

  • Player wins = 1 to 1
  • Banker wins = 0.95 to 1
  • Tie wins = 8 to 1

Why Play Baccarat Online Games At Red18 Casino Online?

At Red18, you can enjoy an authentic experience of the thrill of live Baccarat casino excitement all from the comfort of your home. With our live casino games, you can set real money bets for real wins that are hosted by professional dealers. In addition, our games are broadcast live using advanced recording technology which allows you to witness the dealer and see their actions as they happen.

While our collection of Baccarat casino online games is bound to captivate you, we also present a variety of equally engaging table games, such as Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Dragon Tiger, and more. Visit Red18 today and enjoy the best live baccarat experience in Singapore!


Is Playing Baccarat Online For Real Money Legal?
It varies. In Singapore, online gambling is prohibited and only allowed in some form and in a controlled environment. Despite this, you can still legally engage and play online baccarat games in a licensed and regulated online casino that accepts Singaporean players like Red18.

Is It Possible To Earn Money By Playing Baccarat Online Games?
Certainly! You can win real money by playing baccarat at Red18. But before you get started, we advise you to read our terms and conditions for a smooth and secure experience.

Does Playing Baccarat Casino Games Require Special Skills?
Baccarat is primarily a luck-based game, but it does involve skill in terms of knowing how to strategically place bets against the house to enhance your winning chances. Additionally, you can use some betting strategies to handle bets efficiently, although the final result remains dependent on luck.