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A Brief Look At The History Of Sports Betting In Red18

Betting on sports really runs in our bloodline as we can trace back our betting history to the Ancient Greeks. So, when and where does sports betting really first start. Join us as Red18 Online Sports Betting takes you on a thrilling journey down memory lane.

The Greek Era

As we mentioned earlier, our love for sports betting first started in Greek culture, wherein our ancestors enjoyed engaging in numerous sports betting events. From boxing and chariot racing up to the Olympic games, Ancient Greek spectators have avidly been betting on the results of the game.

Here are some of the popular games that Ancient Greeks usually fancy betting on:

  • Tilia or Checkers
  • Dice games
  • Heads and tails

Additionally, Ancient Greeks would gather together to watch and enjoy placing bets on gladiator fights.

The Roman Empire

Our Roman ancestors are also passionate about placing bets on gladiator fights. In fact, this love of betting on gladiator games became a significant part of Roman culture. Aside from that, fans also find opportunities to wager on several sports during the Olympics such as chariot races, wrestling competitions, and other competitions where bettors and competitors can show off their skills. This is also the time when betting on sports becomes legalized. Up until now our love of sports betting continued and gambling on any sporting event continued to spread in every part of the world.

The 18th Century

During this time, sports betting became a common activity, wherein people started engaging in formal betting events. In the United Kingdom, bettors are more focused on betting on horse racing events. This passion for horse betting plays an important role in cultivating a lively and competitive gambling culture. In addition, the founding of the Jockey Club in 1750 helped in establishing the rules and regulations for horse racing, including the policy. This also helped in formalizing and regulating how people wager on horse racing events. Here are types of horse racing that watches can wager on:

  • National Hut Racing
  • Endurance Racing
  • Flat Racing
  • Hunt Racing

At Red18 Sports Betting Singapore, you can also place bets on top horse racing around the world.

The 19th Century

During this time, many traditional sporting events become more popular, from cricket, and horse racing, up to boxing. And to make things more interesting, sports fans also started placing bets on the results of the game.

In the US, Germany, and England, betting on sports helps in shaping popular culture such as betting on professional baseball. This sports game also opened up several sports betting options for fans to wager on.

Additionally, Football Pools is another sporting event where UK punters find an opportunity to wager on. In fact, it has spread in the country like wildfire and attracts millions of punters. This also lays down the groundwork for the football betting events we enjoy at Red18 Online Sports Betting.

The 20th Century: Modern Sports Betting

Betting on sports through the Internet experienced a boom in popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The governments recognized the potential revenue and need for regulation. That is why they subsequently imposed bans on online sports betting. Today, you are not only betting on football or horse racing, but you are also able to place a wager on virtual and fantasy sports at top sports betting sites like Red18.

With the widespread popularity of online betting sites, placing bets on sporting events also shifted. Gone are the days when you need to look for a bookie, now, all you have to do is log in to Red18 Sports Betting Singapore. Then, you can now place your sports bets online as well as watch the games via live-streaming in HD.

Place Your Bets At Red18 Sports Betting Singapore

It’s amazing to discover how the sports betting we enjoy today at Red18 Online Sports Betting first started. With the introduction of the internet and the widespread availability of online betting platforms, we can confidently say that sports betting will be here to stay. Whatever the sports you want to wager, and whenever the mood strikes, all you need to do is head on to the best sports betting site in Singapore — Red18!


What Is The Oldest Sport The People Wager On?

There is evidence that our ancestors are betting on sports events such as gladiator fights, chariot racing, and Olympic competitions.

What Are The Types Of Sports Bets You Can Place On Red18 Sports Betting Singapore?

At Red18, you can wager on a wide variety of sports betting markets, from Asian handicap, over/under, total goal, first half, correct score, first team to score, and up to parlay bets.