Baseball Betting in Singapore

Traditionally, baseball is often associated with the United States because of the MLB. However, the excitement of the Major League Baseball games is no longer confined across North America because this team sport is also gaining popularity across Asia, especially in Singapore. Unlike some other sports gambling markets, baseball offers a consistent regular season. So, even though major tournaments are not in play, you can still enjoy baseball betting on smaller leagues.

Baseball: A Brief History

Baseball is considered one of the longest-running team sports in history and its origin can be traced back to the American Civil War. Then in 1845, the first baseball team was formed but it wasn’t until the late 19th century that the sport became widely popular in the United States.

Baseball betting back then was nothing like the MLB online betting we know and enjoy today at Red18. In 1876, the National League was formed and holds the title of the world’s oldest pro sports league and is followed by the American League which is founded 25 years later. Then in 1903, these two leagues joined forces, but it wasn’t until 2000 that Major League Baseball officially began.

Popular Baseball Leagues To Bet On

Major League Baseball (MLB)
Established in 1903, MLB is considered one of the oldest and the most prestigious competitions for baseball. The league consists of two major branches which are the National League and the American League where there are 30 clubs in total competing against each other. With MLB betting, you can bet on exhibition games and practice matches during the Spring Training. And on the regular season, you also have endless possibilities to wager on teams competing against each other to make it to the playoffs. Once the playoffs begin, you can further place bets on your favorite teams as they compete for the ultimate championship title.

World Series Of Baseball (WSB)
The World Series of Baseball (WSB) is a special event that comes after the MLB playoffs and it brings together the winners from the two playoff tournaments to compete against each other. Then, they will play in a series of up to seven games to decide who’ll be the final champion. With the World Series, you can still enjoy baseball betting even after the MBL playoffs have ended.

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WBSC Premier12 World Championship
The Premier12 is organized by the World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) and showcases the top twelve highest-ranked national baseball teams worldwide. At Red18, you have plenty of chances to enjoy the excitement of baseball betting in Singapore.

Betting Types Available At Trusted Online Betting Sites

Baseball betting has been around for ages and unlike some other sports, it tends to focus more on goal scoring rather than the final score.

  • Totals — this is one of the most important types of bets to place in baseball. Here, you are placing a stake in the total runs scored by the team. Bookmakers set a specific value before the match, and you need to wager if the team will go over or under that value set.
  • Moneyline — Like the moneylines offered in other sporting events, you are also placing bets on the team that you will be the outright winner of the match.
  • Props Bets — here, you’re wagering on whether a player will hit a home run or get a certain number of hits. MLB Player Props betting is all about predicting player performances in key areas like hitting, striking out, or stealing bases.

Ready For Some Baseball Betting Action In Singapore?

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