Sic Bo Guide: Tips And Tricks On How To Play Sic Bo In Red18SG

At Red18SG, Sic Bo has become one of the hottest new games in Singapore and that is for a good reason. Well, one reason for this is that it’s a great alternative if you want to take a break from playing blackjack and baccarat or you want to take your chance in a dice game.

Sic Bo, also called Tai Sai or Dai Siu, is a Chinese dice gambling game that is played with three dice. This Sic Bo game has a long and rich history and is believed to have existed for many years, especially in Chinese culture. So, we won’t be surprised if this dice game is highly favored by gamblers in Asia, particularly in China, Macau, Singapore, and the Philippines. And if you want to play this game, you may want to check out our tips and tricks so you can learn how the game is played, and also – how you can win. Red18SG will also discuss some Sic Bo strategies that you can use to increase your odds of winning.

How To Play Online Sic Bo?

Just like any other game of luck, you can easily learn how to play Sic Bo. But when you first see the betting table of Sic Bo, it is understandable to feel a bit disoriented because of the many betting options on the table. Truth is, playing online Sic Bo makes it even simpler.

In online Sic Bo, your main goal is to bet on the outcome of the dice, just similar to craps. All you need to do is place your chips on the number you think will be the outcome of the dice. In the live casino Sic Bo, the dealer will shake the three dice in a Sic Bo shaker, but in the RNG version, the game software will perform a virtual dice “roll” and show you a random outcome. When your predictions are correct, then you win and lose when they’re wrong.

Low-Risk Strategy

If you’re a low-risk taker, we advise that you place small edge bets like small and big wagers. These types of Sic Bo bets are the closest bets to even money and also offer you a 50/50 chance of winning on them.

Even though the small/big bet may not make you instantly rich, this Sic Bo strategy can help you maintain steady gameplay. It can also help you prolong your enjoyment while playing at Red18SG.

Low-To-Medium-Risk Strategy

Betting on a specific number in Sic Bo is a less low-risk strategy and a safe option for beginners. Since there are three dice and only six numbers, the likelihood of the number appearing on at least one face of the die is somewhat high.

What makes this single number bet on Sic Bo more exciting is its cumulative nature. It’s because you could win an even-money payout or double or triple the amount of your bet. With this feature, betting on a single number makes it an appealing Sic Bo bet and a strategic choice to consider.

Medium-Risk Strategy

Betting on a certain number of totals can be a bit challenging for many, especially beginners. But because this betting strategy offers high payouts, it is also popular with many casino players. Also, some Sic Bo totals are more probable.

Betting On 10 & 11 Sic Bo Strategy

Totals like 10 and 11 are the most probable outcomes in Sic Bo because they have more possible combos compared to other totals. As such, the payouts for these two totals are usually lower compared to other combos.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Sic Bo is a fun game to play and if you enjoy playing craps, you will surely love this game. Whether you’re a complete beginner to online gambling or unfamiliar with the game, Sic Bo just has the charm that can make you appreciate it. You can easily get to know how to play this game and you can also use simple strategies without needing much skill. At Red18SG Online Casino, you can have a good time playing this game in the live version. Visit Red18SG Online Casino today!


Do I Need To Use A Strategy Every Time I Play Online Sic Bo?

Actually, no, you’re not required to use a strategy when playing Sic Bo online. However, using one can help you in minimizing your losses as well as boost your profits. But then again, always keep in mind that Sic Bo is a game of luck and the outcomes aren’t guaranteed by a strategy.

Can I Possibly Eliminate The House Edge By Using A Sic Bo Strategy?

No. The Sic Bo strategy can never eliminate the house edge completely.

Is There A Betting System For Sic Bo That Works 100% All The Time?

No, no system is always successful and works 100% all the time. The betting strategy that we’ve mentioned can only help you in mitigating risk and help you in taking advantage of specific patterns, but they are never designed to always guarantee you 100% wins at all times.