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Sic Bo History – The Origins Of Online Sic Bo In Red18SG Online Casino

Love playing dice games at Red18SG? Well, we’re not surprised about it since we’re also thrilled to play this game of luck. But, have you ever wondered where this game first started?

If you’ve got a couple of minutes, let’s take you on a little detour into the history of Sic Bo and how it came home to Red18 Online Casino.

Contrary to many people believing that this game is relatively new compared to roulette or poker, well they are wrong. It’s because Sic Bo is actually an ancient game played by Ancient Chinese civilizations. With its sheer reliance on luck and simple gameplay, this dice game has survived for thousands of years and has now become a regular offering at Red18SG Casino Online.

From Ancient China – Where It All Begins

Actually, we can’t put a date on when Sic Bo really first introduced. What we just know is that Sic Bo is believed to have existed for centuries, specifically in Chinese culture. Many believe that when Tai Quon Do and Karate were developing this game also became a popular pastime for these combat fighters.

But instead of dice, they are using other objects like shells, small animal bones, or rocks to play this game. Then, masters would engrave markings on these objects and use them to play Sic Bo. Then, Sic Bo has been known by different names, including Dai Siu (Dice Bowl) and Tai Sai (Dice Pair).

Sic Bo Sails Fort To America

The history of this popular dice game at Red18SG continues to evolve in the 19th century when Chinese workers traveled to the United States of America to build the transcontinental railroad. Aside from their work competency, these workers also brought with them many Chinese traditions, including the Sic Bo game.

Chinese workers played this dice game in mining camps and railroads. Then, after almost a decade, it spread in popularity throughout America as a carnival game. However, Americans made some changes in the payout of Sic Bo and then became widely known under the name of Birdcage as Americans mixed up the dice in a cage instead of a bowl.

The British Version

Meanwhile, as the game rapidly grew in popularity across the US, the game of Hazard is also making its name in the UK. Some considered the game of hazard as another version of Sic Bo, wherein British people are playing it with two dice. At some point in their gambling history, they’ve created another version of Sic Bo – known as Grand Hazard. Here, British players added an extra dice to the game, and soon it became the three-dice game that we’ve known and enjoy playing at Red18SG Online Casino.

Then during the 1960s, Sic Bo gained immense popularity throughout the continent of Asia and even the biggest casino in Macau started offering this dice game on their casino floor. In fact, it is so surprising to hear that these dice games became the highest revenue-generating gambling game in Macau.

Play Sic Bo Games At Red18SG Casino Online

Looking at its humble beginning, this dice game of luck has truly come a very long way. And, it will continue to prosper in popularity since the game is one of the main offerings of many Asian online casino platforms like Red18SG.

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Can I Play Sic Bo Online At Red18SG Casino Online For Free?

Yes, of course. Red18SG offers you plenty of demo versions of online Sic Bo games. Test the game all you want without spending any money from your wallet.

Which Of The Sic Bo Betting Options Can Give Me The largest Possible Payout?

Without a doubt, it’s the Triple Bet, which usually pays 34:1 when you successfully predict the number that’ll appear on all three dice.