big bad wolf slot online
Quickspin Slots: Play Big Bad Wolf Slot Online

Quickspin developed the Big Bad Wolf slot online, which is a 5-reel, 25-payline game. This slot game is based on the fairy tale of the three little pigs. In addition, it also uses swooping symbols, in which new symbols replace the winning symbols. Thus, it allows you to win many times on each spin at top online casino in Singapore.

To transform the pig symbols into additional wilds, manage 2, 4, or 6 consecutive swoops. Also, you may receive up to 20 free spins with the Free Spins feature. Blowing Down the House is a bonus game in which you gather moon symbols. Then, they use them to blow down houses to win extra free spins and a 2x multiplier.

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Play Big Bad Wolf Slot Online

You most likely know the story of the popular 3 Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. So, it is no surprise that the story of the three tiny pigs has been turned into a reel-spinning adventure by Quickspin.

The story of the three tiny pigs who build their homes out of various materials. Then, only one of them can survive the force of the Big Bad Wolf is an ancient one. Two of the pigs built straw houses, but one outsmarted the wolf by building a brick house. And that is precisely the point of the game.

Big Bad Wolf is a 5-reel, 25-payline video slot. It has been superbly created and is set against a mountainous rural farmland landscape.

big bad wolf slot online
Where to play the Big Bad Wolf slot online?

Do you want a little piece of traditional amusement reimagined for the current day? If so, this is the game for you if you’re feeling nostalgic. “The Big Bad Wolf” is available for both free and real money play at trusted online casino in Singapore.

Big Bad Wolf Slot Online: Symbols and Features

The Big Bad Wolf suddenly doesn’t seem so intimidating anymore. It’s all thanks to the Big Bad Wolf slot’s RTP of 97.34 percent, which is mild volatility. Moreover, the Big Bad Wolf slot machine online offers fascinating features that add to its charm. Also, there is a wide choice of coin sizes to pick from when it comes to your stake size. Besides, this is advantageous for players who want to play casually in their spare time at the best Singapore online casino.

In addition, Singaporean players who want to increase their chances of winning a larger payment will also enjoy this game. However, the player may pick from a betting range of 0.25 to a mind-boggling 100 and anything in between.

Meanwhile, there are high-paying and low-paying symbols on the paytable. In the Big Bad Wolf slot machine online, the high-paying symbols are the three cute pigs and a cuddly animal that looks like a small pig. Meanwhile, the background color of their symbol and the items they carry differentiate the pigs’ brothers.

The wolf scatters symbol can launch the free spins round. Have you managed to land three Wolf scatters on the reels in a row? Then, expect to be rewarded with 10 free spins. This may also be scaled up during the Free Spins phase of the game. So, if you manage to land three more Wolf Scatter symbols on the reels, then expect to receive an extra 10 Free Spins on top of your existing balance.

What is Big Bad Wolf’s RTP rate?

Huff and Puff and Blow the House Down with Free Spins

Of course, as the slot is entitled “Big Bad Wolf, “it’s your mission to demolish the little piggies’ home. Then, try to get as many wins as possible. It appears like the story has taken a turn for the worse. But, if you want to win a lot of Free Spins on this slot game, you’ll need to have a wolf on your side. Also, you must gather moon symbols if you want to help the wolf with his next pork chop supper.

Yet, these symbols come at random intervals on the reels. So, if you gather enough of them, the wolf will be able to huff and puff and blow the house down!

Sadly, when you collected three Moon symbols, the wolf will blow down the wooden home. At the same time, you will gain two free turns. Meanwhile, managing to land the maximum of 6 Moon symbols in the same round will energize the wolf. It will take a deep breath, then blow down the brick house. Let’s just hope that he brushes his teeth before he does this.

Pigs Are Turning Wild!!!

Well, Pigs Turn Wild is not a reference to Yggdrasil’s Vikings Go Wild slot game. Rather, the piggies’ pay symbols can turn into Wild symbols when they land on the reels. This is also the reason why the feature is named “Pig Turn Wild”.

In addition, “Pig Turn Wild” occurs when you successfully land on a winning payline. The wilds will then have an opportunity to accumulate and generate new wild symbols. As a result, it also enhances your chances of winning while playing at the top online slots in Singapore. Aside from that, the number of wild symbols increases with each winning round of the Big Bad Wolf slot machine online.

Therefore, if you turn a pig symbol into a wild symbol in the first round and the following winning round, you can play the third round with two wilds you’ve earned. So, it is also possible to build this up to three pig wild symbols. Aside from that, the player may find conventional wild symbols displayed as a bee colony on the reels.

Big Bad Wolf Megaways Slots Online

Quickspin released Big Bad Wolf Megaways in 2021 as a follow-up to its mega-hit Big Bad Wolf. It’s quite similar to the original in many aspects, yet it couldn’t be more different in others!

Maths Model of Big Bad Wolf Slot Online

Big Bad Wolf Megaways’ mathematical model is a long cry from the original Big Bad Wolf slot. Big Bad Wolf is a low/medium volatility game with a top reward of just 1225x. Whereas, it is a very volatile game with a maximum prize of almost 30,000x.

Also, this may make Big Bad Wolf Megaways appear to be the greater game. However, the slot’s RTP may persuade you otherwise. Big Bad Wolf Megaways, on the other hand, have a variable payout percentage that may range from 90.19 percent to 96.05 percent. And even at the top end of the spectrum, it’s not as generous as the original Big Bad Wolf’s RTP.

Bonus Feature of Big Bad Wolf Megaways

In terms of features, Big Bad Wolf Megaways has stayed loyal to the original. It has the same cascading reels and morphing wild features. In addition, you may prolong your bonus by collecting moon symbols in the free spins round.

The biggest distinction is that the multipliers in Big Bad Wolf Megaways’ free spins may go much higher. Every victory is multiplied by one, and collecting six moons multiplies it by ten!

Big Bad Wolf Online Slots Casinos in Singapore

The Big Bad Wolf slot machines in Singapore offer enticing features that can help you win more money.


How to play Big Bad Wolf slot free play?

Do you want to maximize your winnings by playing at online slots in Singapore?

Then, you should check out the Big Bad Wolf slot machine. The wolf is the scatter symbol, which activates the free spins feature. You will receive free spins if you land at least three wolves. If you activate the blowdown and house bonus, you’ll get more spins.

Although there is no progressive jackpot in this game, the rewards are still substantial. Thus, you might win up to 1,225 times your bet.

Furthermore, Quickspin’s award-winning slot game is their pride and pleasure. The exquisite visuals and fairy tale concepts that gamers like will wow you. That is why there are so many Big Bad Wolf slot sites to choose from. This game is so tempting to many players that casino sites that provide it have a good chance of attracting more traffic and members. Furthermore, the large payouts even without the progressive jackpot are an amazing offer that will undoubtedly entice you to play at top Singapore online casino.

Big bad Wolf Slot Online FAQ:

Yes, definitely. You may play a free game at online casinos that provide Quickspin slot games. You don’t need to register with an online casino or even make a payment to play this fantastic game. Moreover, you can also play for real money on the same site. Some even provide free spins, which you may take advantage of while playing the big bad wolf.

Yes, there is. The Free Spins bonus is triggered when three or more Scatter symbols appear on the reels at the same time. During this round, if you get three moon symbols on the reels, the wolf will emerge and blow down the wooden home, awarding you two additional free spins. Landing 6 moons will flatten the brick house and give you 2 additional spins, as well as a 2x multiplier on your wins.

The Big Bad Wolf slot from Quickspin has a 97.35 percent payout rate. In today’s slot industry, this is far higher than normal, since most games seldom exceed 96.5 percent.