How to Beat the Bookie
How to Beat the Bookie

If you want to beat the bookies, you’ve come to the right page. At first, it’s hard to beat the bookie. In the world of betting, a bookmaker has quite a lot of power. They are in charge of setting the odds and your profits. They are in business to make money. Unfortunately, most bettors lose a lot of money to the bookmakers. But their power is not limitless, you can beat the bookies at trusted online betting site Singapore!

As bettors, we constantly on the hunt for a way to beat the bookies. You need to commit a lot of time to take it or take a higher-risk strategy that can pay off in higher rewards.

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In this article, we will try to give you the best advice on how to create a betting strategy in sports betting and how to beat bookies. It’s important to understand that the following techniques aren’t guaranteed to beat the bookie. We are trusted online betting site Singapore on live sports and anything might happen. However, using the strategies below will give you a better chance to win and beat the bookie.

Are you ready?  Let’s check out how to beat bookies! 

7 Effective Ways to Beat the Bookie

Below are a few techniques to get you started. They will help you spot good value bets and give you an edge over to beat the bookies.

Beat the bookie by being Smart

The first tip on how to beat the bookie is a deceptively one, Know the sport you’re betting on. We highly suggest that you do your research if you want your betting to have a higher chance of success and beat the bookies. So, searching a team or athlete’s past matches or even the specific history between the two teams in the game can help many types of wagers to beat the bookies. The point is you should never make a bet without doing your research first.

How to always beat the bookie and win?
How to always beat the bookie and win?

The favorite does not always win

This seems an obvious detail to everyone reading this page. However, it is difficult for any bettors to beat the bookies. To have a chance on how to beat the bookies, placing various small bets is so much better than betting on your favorite team to win. You can’t guarantee that they will win each time because matches have different outcomes. Even if they are the best in the league.

Beat the bookie? Don’t bet with your heart!

Another great strategy you should use to beat the bookies is to bet with your head, not your heart to avoid mistakes. You might want your favorite team to win. You want it so badly and even start to convince yourself it’s possible.

So, you’ve put your money on it. Emotions and betting should never be brought together because it will only lead to costly mistakes. The more educated bets you place, the more likely you are to beat the bookies in a long run. It is always important to place a bet based on your research such as injury news, best teams, look at current form, and so on. Above all, anything that will help you beat the bookies.

How to Beat the Bookies more often: Shop Around

One of the best ways to beat the bookie and come out the top would be to shop around for a better process on the same markets. Companies will attempt and attract you to bet with them and only them. Don’t let them make you believe you shouldn’t shop around. Select the website which gives you the best value for money or play on a variety of sites where you can enjoy the benefits of the different bookmakers all at once to beat the bookie.

You certainly should open several accounts. You can go with a bookmaker who is offering better prices. This kind of strategy on how to beat the bookie is to take advantage the betting world will offer you. So, you need to grab bonus bets and special offers (where possible) that can be used to beat the bookies. The more accounts opened, the more offers you will get, just be sure to read the terms and conditions of your free bets. Another way to beat the bookies is to take the longest odds you can get. Check them all before betting.

Beat the Bookie by betting with more than a Bookmaker

Selecting multiple markets to wager on is a good technique to beat the bookie. You can bet on markets like Both teams to score, correct score, and so on. Bookies produce a wide range of sports and markets to choose from. So, you shouldn’t limit yourself to one sport or market.

Beat the Bookie by following the betting tips

One of the best tactics on how to beat the bookies is by following the expert betting tipsters. Betting tips are famous with thousands of bettors throughout the world. You need to follow high-quality tipsters that have a proven record of how to beat the bookies over a while. Their main goal is to help you beat the bookies.

The ideal way to beat the bookie: Do not follow the crowd

Our other way to beat the bookies is to not follow the crowd. Public opinions are one of the most misleading ideas for every bettor. A lot of punters do not want to go against the wind and this is why they hardly beat the bookies. The majority of punters place bets based on what others are doing or based on the guts and emotions. This is not going to help you beat the bookies. Make your own decisions and do your research.


There are many ways on how beat the bookies, but basically, you are either going to need help in the form of a matched betting product or do a lot of hard work. You can beat the bookies because there are people out there who get used to it. But definitely, only those who are prepared to put in an effort and have rigid discipline will succeed in the long run.

We can say for sure that there isn’t a technique that will 100% lead you to beat the bookies at their own game. However, we tried to give you some tips and tactics that might increase your chances of winning and beat the bookie. We highly recommend you implement these tips on how to beat the bookies to see what works for you. Good luck with your betting strategy.