Soccer Betting 101: How Do Soccer Lines Work?
Soccer Betting 101: How Do Soccer Lines Work?

In the past years, more Singaporeans have developed an interest in soccer. At the same time, there is a growing market for soccer-related wagers in the country. Do you want to learn more about soccer betting and how do soccer lines work at trusted online betting site?

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Soccer Betting Lines Explained

You do need to have a basic understanding of soccer and how betting lines work to fully understand soccer. Typically, soccer is a low-scoring game played over a continuous 90 minutes (two 45-minute halves).

Most soccer games include a set amount of regulation time. It also includes additional “stoppage time”, which is determined by the referee throughout the game. Moreover, you only witness over time the potential for penalty kicks (shootout) in knockout or elimination tournament games. Consider the Euros and the World Cup.

As a result, the bulk of soccer betting lines is based on the outcome after 90 minutes of regular play.

How do soccer lines work?
How do soccer lines work?

Soccer Moneyline: How Do Soccer Betting Work?

Like we always say, moneyline is the simplest kind of sports betting. Also, the soccer moneyline only asks you to predict the outcome of a game by assigning each team a set of odds based on their expected probability of winning.

But because soccer is a low-scoring sport and can conclude in a tie or draw after 90 minutes of play, the three-way moneyline is the most popular option to wager on soccer odds.

What Is 3-Way Moneyline In Soccer?

The three-way moneyline gives punters three options to bet on soccer. It’s either each side or a match that ends in a draw.

How to bet on draws in soccer is done by the bookmakers. They are the ones who give each side odds based on their likelihood of winning. Moreover, bookies are the ones who gave odds on the game ending in a tie after 90 minutes as well.









In the above example, Team B is the -110 favorite to win the match against the underdog Team A at +200. The odds of the draw are set at +150.

What Is a 2-Way Moneyline Bet?

With the two-way moneyline in soccer betting, the draw option is removed. Furthermore, the oddsmaker adjusts the odds for each side to suit the changes.

Two-way moneylines are also known as “draw no bet” odds, which is popular in tournament play. This is offered when a winner is required, whether through extra time, sudden death, or a shootout.

Push In Soccer Betting

What happens when you wager on the draw no bet odds in a standard 90-minute game and the score ends in a tie? In this case, your bet will become a push and the sportsbook will return your initial bet.







The underdog Team A is the +110 underdog, while Team B is the -110 favorite to win.

What Is Goal Line Or Soccer Spread Betting?

Popularly known as the goal line or handicap, the spread is another option for betting on soccer odds.

Soccer spreads are typically between 0.5 to 2 goals. However, they can be larger depending on how competitive the two sides are.

A soccer spread of -1.5 indicates that the favorite has to win by two goals or more to cover the spread. The game’s underdog would be given a +1.5 point spread, which implies they must either lose by one goal or win the match outright.

The cost of placing the wager, often known as juice or vig, is listed next to each goal line. A goal-line favorite with a -1.5 spread may have a juice of +115. Thus, you get a payout of $150 for every $100 staked. Moreover, an underdog with a -1.5 spread might have a juice of -135. Here, you are risking $135 for every $100 staked.

Do soccer spreads include overtime?

In many other sports, overtime is quite similar to extra time. Following full-time, there will be a brief intermission before play resumes for the next, 15-minute half plus any further stoppage time.

Normally, the first period of overtime would last for roughly 105 minutes in total. Teams will exchange sides. Then, resume this process for an additional 15 minutes after another brief break. The game will last 120 minutes overall, plus any additional time.

No sudden-death rules apply during extra time. In addition, the whole 15-minute period will be played regardless of how many goals are scored during either half.

The game will be over when a winner has been determined after both halves of extra time.

What happens if the scores are still tied for both teams?

In this case, there will be a shootout with at least five players on each team.

Why you should understand how soccer lines work?

Are you putting bets on events like the Champions League, World Cup, or Euro Cup knockout stages? If that case, it is vital to understand how to do soccer lines work when it comes to soccer betting.

How does soccer spread betting works?
How does soccer spread betting works?

Over/Under Totals – How Do Soccer Lines Work?

For most sports bettors, the Over/Under total is a well-known type of bet. You can wager on whether the final score will be Over or Under the total number of goals estimated to be scored by both sides in the match by the oddsmakers.



Over 1.5 goals


Under 1.5 goals


Futures – How Does Soccer Betting Work?

These are long-term odds markets that are frequently determined during a season or competition. Let’s say you are betting on which team will win the World Cup. Another example is you are predicting which club will be relegated after the year.

The odds for soccer games may fluctuate because throughout a season or an event. It also changes in response to performances, injuries, and betting activity.

How Do Props Bet Works?

With soccer props, known as specials, you may wager on certain outcomes throughout a game. For example, you are betting which players will score a goal or how many corners a team will win.

Asian Handicaps – Soccer Betting Lines Explained

Soccer spread betting with Asian handicaps is more difficult. This is because goal scores in soccer are rare. Also, Asian handicap betting enables punters to spread their bets across a range of outcomes and increments. For example 0.25, 0.50, and 0.75 goal handicaps.

A team may have an Asian handicap of -1.75, for instance.  On an Asian handicap of -1.75, a $100 wager would place $50 on -1.5 and $50 on -2.0.

Furthermore, you would win the entire stake if the team won by a score of three. However, if the side wins by just two goals, you would receive a push on the other half and win half on -1.5. Also, the whole Asian handicap wager would be lost if the team won by only one goal, tied, or lost.