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Rules Of Baccarat – Modern And Historical In Red18 Online Casino

Often associated with sophistication and elegance, Baccarat will always conquer the hearts of many casino players – both online and offline. You may think you already know this game because you’ve watched it many times in movies. But, let us tell you this… there’s so much more to it that you most probably didn’t know by now.  So today, let’s discover the different versions of baccarat you’ve always enjoyed playing at Red18 – from the classic favorites up to the modern versions.

Basic Rules For Baccarat

Face cards have 0 value in Baccarat, the Ace has 1 point, while the number cards are worth the value stated to them. In any Baccarat game, each hand will start with two cards, while you may deal a third card optionally. To determine the winner, all the values of your cards will be added together. Then, the player whose hand value is closest to 9 will win. In case the sum of your card exceeds 9, then the value returns to 0 instead of reaching 10. Simply put, a pair of cards (6, 7) would sum up to 13, right? However, the tens will be disregarded, so the value of your hand will only be 3 instead of 13. Therefore, your three cards of 9, 7, and 8 will give you a hand value of 4 instead of 24.

Additionally, deciding if you are going to draw a third card is not easy when playing online baccarat games. Oftentimes, players at  Red18 Online Casino will usually take another if the sum of their hand is 4 or below. But if your total hand value is equivalent to 6 or higher, it is best not to draw the third card. It is up to you if you are going to hit or not when the total hand value of your cards equals 5. This is because the odds of hitting or not are just nearly equal.

Chemin de Fer

Also known as Baccara a un tableau in France, American and British players prefer to call it simply “Chemin de Fer” meaning “railway”. This version is much quicker to play compared to the classic variant of Baccarat. In Chemin de Fer, the players are competing against each other – not with the dealer. Aside from that, players usually take turns to become the banker while using the standard 6 decks of cards.

To play the game, the round will start to the right of the dealer and will continue in counterclockwise directions. Another key difference between Chemin de Fer and classic baccarat is that the bankers set aside a specific sum of money that they want to wager. Then, all players at the table can announce a Banco… wherein, they are willing to match the banker’s bet.

Punto Banco

Originated from Latin America, spread to Cuba, and became famous to American casino players. This variant closely resembles the classic version of Baccarat. Punto Banco uses the 6 standard decks of cards and can accommodate up to 12 players. Similar to the traditional version, you can either bet on the banker or the player in this game. Aside from that, you’re also allowed to bet on Tie. After all the players have placed their bets and the dealer finishes dealing with the cards, the values of the cards will be computed.

European Baccarat

In this version, the players have the power to either stand or draw in case their hand value equals 5. At the same time, the dealers also have the privilege of whether or not to hit an extra card at all times.

When playing European Baccarat at Red18 Casino Online, keep in mind that the casino financially supports the banker’s hand. Let’s say the banker’s hand has a $1,200 fund. Then, a player bet on the banker with $400 and another player bet $800 on the banker. Therefore, no other players can wager on the banker. Additionally, if the player wants to cover the entire bet on the banker, he has to say “Banco”. Then, the entire bet will be his and no other player can wager on the banker.

Mini Baccarat

This version has the same gameplay and rules as Punto Banco and offers lower bets compared to other variants. So if you are on a tight budget but still want to try your luck at Red18, you can play Mini Baccarat games. As the name suggests, you’re going to play at a much smaller table in mini-baccarat. In addition, the game moves at a much faster pace compared to other variants. This is also the reason why many Singaporeans prefer to play this game when they only want a quick round while having a lunch break.

Baccarat Squeeze

In this baccarat version, you can bet on a Banker, Player, or Tie as well as take side bets like Pairs. In addition, there is an interesting ritual that happens at the betting table. To add excitement to the table, the dealer “squeezes” or will slowly reveal the cards. Additionally, the payout system for Baccarat Squeeze works exactly the same as the previous version…wherein a player’s hand pays you even money if you win. However, there is a small commission charged for your winning bet on the banker’s hand. For winning tie bets, you’ll get paid at odds of 8:1.

Which Baccarat Version Will Play At Red18 Online Casino?

With its easy gameplay and popularity around the world, it’s no surprise that Baccarat has now many versions of the game. Do you prefer the fast-paced game offered by mini-baccarat or love the classic feel that Punto Banco gives? Either way, you can play them all at the best online casino in Singapore – Red18 Online Casino. For a more social and live environment, visit Red18 Online Casino today!


Can I Play Live Baccarat Games On My Mobile?

Yes, of course, you can play any type of Baccarat game on your mobile. In fact, all games that you can find at Red18 are optimized for mobile playing.

Is Online Baccarat Hard To Play?

No. In fact, baccarat is one of the best games to play for beginners because you’ll only need to get a hand closest to 9. At the same time, there are only three bet options in this game – the banker, the player, or a tie.