Moneyline Bets Explained: How Do Moneyline Bets Work?
Moneyline Bets Explained: How Do Moneyline Bets Work?

In sports betting, choosing the moneyline bets essentially means selecting a team to win a match. Truth is, moneylines are the most straightforward bets in terms of sports betting. Therefore, moneylines are possibly the ideal place to begin if you are new to sports betting. In contrast to bet types like totals, spreads, parlays, or propositions, moneylines are straightforward to compute at trusted online betting site Singapore.

Additionally, this is different from spread betting, which uses a handicap to theoretically level the betting odds on both sides. The moneyline bet pays off if the bettor’s chosen team wins.

Are you ready to place a moneyline bet after learning how to read money line? Check out the moneyline odds for today’s games at the top sportsbook and best online betting site Singapore.

How to read moneyline bets?
How to read moneyline bets?

What Are Moneyline Bets And How To Read The Moneyline Odds?

An easy moneyline wager predicts the victory of one team or individual over another. When a game or competition is over, the oddsmaker grades a wager in one of three ways:

Win – The chosen team emerged victorious. Along with any winnings, the sportsbook returns the original wager.

Loss – The chosen group was defeated. In this case, the sportsbook will keep the stake.

Draw – The overall game or any of its parts (half, quarter, period, etc.) ended in a tie. The sportsbook repays the bet, making it appear as if the wager never took place.

Furthermore, bookmakers in Singapore will display moneyline wagers in the following ways:



Man United


Man City




How To Interpret The Moneyline Bets?

A $100 bet is the simplest way to understand moneylines. In the above scenario, the moneyline for the underdog Manchester United was +235. In this case, a  $100 bet will return $235 plus your stake. If Manchester United had won the game, you will win a total of $335.

Due to the fact that they are frequently “plus” money, underdogs are well-liked by punters. This side of the moneyline gives out more money per unit than the favorite side.

Man City, on the other side, had a -116 moneyline. A bettor would have to wager $116 to win $100, returning a total of $216. Because the favorite is regarded as the team with the best chance of victory, a successful wager will normally pay out less than the original amount staked.

Meanwhile, a $100 wager on the draw (tie) will yield $255, plus your $100 stake, for a total of $355.

This does not imply that you must bet $100. You can bet as much as you want. Soccer moneyline top online betting site is popular with gamblers all around the world due to its ease.

What Does Plus 135 Mean In Betting?

Then again, American odds are always calculated with a base value of $100. Favorites always bet $100 to win $100, while underdogs risk $100 to win the amount.

If a team is a -135 favorite, it will cost you $135 to win $100 at the sportsbook. Therefore, you can only win $100, lose $135, or push.

A +350 underdog implies you may win $350 by taking a $100 gamble. Either you lose $100, you win $350, or you push.

How to interpret the moneyline?
How to interpret the moneyline?

Handicapping Moneylines

Developing a moneyline betting strategy requires careful consideration of handicapping. Did you see a team’s moneyline odds and believe they have a good chance of winning? Then, you are already familiar with the concept of handicapping.

Handicapping is the use of analytical research and significant betting trends. It is also the use of any other information that might remove any speculating from a bet. In addition, handicapping determines a team’s advantage based on the data and statistics at hand rather than on intuition.

In sports betting, it’s difficult to beat the oddsmakers like EPL predictions. However, your chances of increasing your bankroll increase with the amount of research and handicapping you conduct on betting lines.

Moneyline Bets FAQs:

The way a team wins or loses a game differs between a moneyline and a point spread. With a moneyline wager, you choose which of the two teams will win. Your choice of a team must result in victory. For point spreads, the team you chose must either win by a specific amount of points or not lose by a specific number of points.

Soccer moneyline wagers typically only include the 90 regular-time minutes of a game. Check your sportsbook, though, since some will provide additional soccer moneyline betting on the outcome, including overtime and even penalties. Furthermore, this also implies that betting on the draw (tie) is not an option.

This is based on the match’s outcome as well as the odds that are being provided. A win-win or, in soccer, a win-draw-win bet is what the moneyline is. Moreover, a team’s win or loss margin is represented by the spread. The payout on the moneyline might be larger if a result in your favor barely covers the spread.

The three-way moneyline odds, which provide chances of the match ending in a draw, allow you to wager on draws in soccer.

Definitely. All three spreads, moneylines, and totals can change. They will change in response to bets placed by punters, often referred to as “activity.”