Mastering Sic Bo Diversity: A Deep Dive Into Different Types Of The Game

Do you want to test your luck and try casino games that rely heavily on chance, yet you don’t feel like spinning the reels? Why not head on at Red18 Online Casino Singapore and wager on a few rounds at Live Sic Bo games?

The Basics

Sic Bo, also known as Tai Sai or Dai Siu, is one of the fastest-growing casino dice games today. Although there are more than a dozen types of Sic bo bets available, your main objective here is to predict the result of three rolled dice. For many beginners, it may take some time to learn the various wagers, but all in all, sic bo is a relatively easy game to learn and play.

After you have placed your bets, the dealer will then roll the dice. Once the result is revealed and the winning bets, the players will be paid out accordingly.

In the traditional version of Sic Bo games available at Red18, you may encounter many betting options to choose from. This includes betting on specific numbers, a combination of numbers, or betting on the total sums of the dice. Additionally, there are three best sic bo bets that you can start placing at Red18:

Big – The total sum of the dice is between 11 and 17 and offers 48.6% probability.

Small – total sum of the dice is between 4 and 10 and offers 48.6% probability.

Specific Triple – all three dice show the same number and offer 0.46% probability.

Grand Hazard — Sic Bo Variants

This sic bo variant originated in the United Kingdom and has been reigning in popularity since the 19th century. Grand Hazard, features an expanded table layout with extra betting options that make betting on the dice roll even more exciting.

In this Sic Bo game, just like the classic Sic Bo games, players are placing bets on combinations, specific numbers, etc., the only difference is that there an extra bets offered in this game. In hazard bet, you’re betting on a specific combination of numbers. Additionally, you’re betting on specific triple outcomes on triple bets. These two additional bets offer higher payout odds, but be cautious of placing this because it comes with increased risk.

Chuck-A-Luck — Sic Bo Variants

Aside from the classic Live Sic Bo games at Red18 Online Casino, other variants have been entertaining many casino players from different parts of the world. Chuck-a-luck, also known as sweat cloth, bird cage, or chucker luck, is another variant of Sic bo that originates from Grand Hazard.

In this version, the three dice are enclosed within a wire-frame birdcage or tumbler. Then, the dealer will rotate the cage and add a visual appeal to the already exciting game. With Chuck-a-luck, you can place bets on single-number results as well as take advantage of placing side bets for any triple outcome.

Chuck-A-Luck is primarily popular with land-based casinos, especially in Nevada casinos. However, it is not as common now because of the rise of online casinos and dedicated Sic Bo tables.

Hoo Hee How — Sic Bo Variants

Hoo Hee How is another Sic Bo variant with a distinctive twist and features symbols instead of the traditional numbers on the dice. You can see symbols such as scorpion, crab, coin, fish, and rooster in the three symbols. Although you cannot find this Sic Bo game at find this game at Red18 Casino Singapore, these games can offer you a fresh and engaging dimension from the classic Sic Bo game when you find one.

Final Say

All Sic Bo variants carry an element of luck, but you can you some strategies to help you tilt your odds in your favor. And to make your gameplay even more exciting and feel as if you’re in front of a real Sic bo table, check out the live Sic bo games offered by Red18 Casino Singapore. You’ll never know be luck is on your side, so why not give Sic Bo a try at Red18?


How To Win At Sic Bo Games Online?

To increase your chances of winning at Sic Bo, try to focus on betting on Big or Small as they offer players a higher probability of winning and low risk. On the other hand, you can also place combo bets since they have a relatively low house advantage.                     ,

Is There A Limit On How Many Bets Can I Place On A Single Roll Of Sic Bo?

In Sic bo, there’s no limit as you can place as many bets as you like on a single round.

Is It Legal To Play Sic Bo Online?

Yes, of course, playing Sic Bo games online at a legitimate site is completely legal.