Introducing Sportsbook at Red18
Introducing Sportsbook at Red18

Red18 is up and coming online betting Singapore website. There are many sports betting sites in Singapore. However, not all of them are fair and can be trusted. Red18 offers all the games that Singaporeans like to play on one single trusted platform!

Sportsbook at Red18

Red18 caters not only to sports betting players on our site. We understand that there are many players that prefer live casino and slots games and all these games are also available on our website.

All of our games are accessible on desktop and mobile. Players can choose to access our website from the comfort of their home or on the go. This is definitely much better than having to travel and pay a levy to go into a brick and mortar casino in Singapore.

Red18 is now known as the best odds bookmaker among the bookmakers offering football betting products.

Sportsbook at Red18 or sports betting, are specially optimized for online betting players throughout Singapore with an easy-to-understand Singaporean interface.

We offer players hundreds of football odds every day for matches in international and domestic tournaments.

Football bets are always accurate, constantly updated with various types of Asian Handicap (Handicap) or European Handicap (1 × 2), Over / Under or Over / Under, total goals to Special markets such as a yellow card, penalty kick, match score.

Besides, there are various odds such as Malay odds (MY), Hong Kong (HK) bets, European bets (EU) and Indo bets (ID).

At Red18 always updates sports events quickly and accurately; the odds ratio is detailed. The red and blue markings show the change in odds or handicaps to help players make good decisions, based on the current situations of live matches, thereby lifting high chance to win through your judgments.


In addition to the advantages of football betting at Red18, Sports betting players can also play more sports, update the latest trends such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, racing, billiards … with all odds and attractive rates. Players never get bored when the season ends or there are no good football matches.

Before placing a bet, there are terms you need to keep in mind before placing a bet at the Red18 most and trusted online betting site Singapore.