Guide to Asian Betting Odds
Guide to Asian Betting Odds

It’s important to understand Asian betting odds if you are planning to start betting in a trusted online betting site Singapore. Whether it is casino gambling, sports betting, or any other type. In sports betting, it can be challenging to navigate. Also, can be confusing for newcomers. However, you must learn how to read betting odds and appreciate the different types of sports wagers available at trusted online betting site Singapore. Besides, the jargon that used in the sports betting industry.

If you are a newcomer, one of the first things you should do is to study how Asian Betting odds work. It can be hard at first. However, read our guide to betting odds below. Then, let us explain to you how betting odds work and their different types.

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What are Betting Odds?

Whether you are a newcomer or a long-time fan if you want sports betting odds explained, you’ve come to the right place. Every sportsbook doesn’t explain how to use betting odds. That’s why we made an easy-to-understand article on all aspects of Asian betting odds here at trusted online betting site Singapore.

Betting odds are the reflection of the prospect or chance of a particular outcome in a sporting event. In gambling, betting odds represent the ratio between the amounts staked by parties to a wager to bet. Therefore, odds of 3 to 1 refers to the first party or bookmaker, stakes three times the amount staked by the second party or the punter.

If you’re not sure regarding what you see when you view betting odds, then you can’t accurately sports line shop or find value in betting markets. which is key to success in sports betting.

Below, we explain the most popular Asian betting odds in sports betting. Also, we discuss what exactly betting odds represent and different sites with different betting odds.

Bettors can choose different types of Asian Betting odds in every bet on the betting site of their choice. The Asian Betting odds can be displayed in Hongkong odds, Indonesian odds, Malay odds, or European odds. Please refer to the details below for the betting odds comparison between different types of bookmaker odds on offer.

Asian Betting Odds in Different Sports Betting Sites

Most online betting sites come up with the choice of which type of betting odds you want to utilize. Knowing betting odds is paramount to your success when you bet on sports. Different bookies may offer different Asian betting odds as well. Choose the sports betting website that offers you the finest betting odds. As a result, you will get the best value for your bets.

Hongkong Style Betting Odds

Hongkong odds are very similar to the UK-style decimal odds, but the difference is the return of your stake is not included in the betting odds. Therefore, if the decimal odds are 2.91 the Hongkong odds are 1.91. Then, decimal odds of 4.80 become 3.80 in Hongkong odds.

It essentially symbolizes the number of units that would be collected over the initial stake was the bet to be successful. You can also play around with the Asian betting odds converter to find several examples.

Example: a bet on a match at 3.00 odds with 1.00 would return 3.00 x 1.00 (profit of 3.00) + 1.00 stake = 3.00

Indonesian Style Betting Odds

These betting odds are very similar to American odds. Except the betting odds are always priced as a single digit with decimals. In short, they showed a decimal point. If the odds are negative, it tells you the amount you need to wager to win $1. If the odds are positive, it tells you the profit you stand to earn by wagering $1.

For example:

American odds are +500, while Indonesian odds are +5.00. If American odds are -150, Indonesian odds are -1.50. In this betting odds format, +5.00 is risk 1 to win 5, and -1.50 is risk 1.5 to win 1. You will get back your stake on the side.

Malaysian Style Betting Odds

In this Asian betting odds format once again numbers can be negative or positive. However, this is a little more complicated than other formats. Because the negative odds refer to an underdog.

Example: Malay Odds show the same odds with a base unit of 1.00. In Malay Odds, for a 1.00-unit stake on 0.93 odds, you will receive 0.93 back. If the Malay Odds are negative it has a <50% chance of winning. Malay odds of -0.10 means you only need 0.10 to win. Then, the equivalent to a 10x payout on your stake.


That’s our analysis of how Asian betting odds works. Therefore, you enable to work out how much money you will win if your bet wins. Hopefully, that clears up Asian betting odds. You should now have the understanding to read betting odds. Also, what the probability of a bet winning is according to the odds and what your potential winnings are. Now you’re ready to start betting, it’s time to give those bookies a run for their money. Be reminded that no matter what sports you’re betting on, the more betting sites you shop, the better betting odds you will receive.