craps betting strategy
Craps Betting Strategy: How to win at craps every time?

The best craps betting strategy concentrate on lowering the house edge, maintaining bankrolls, and placing wise bets. To assist gamblers to get better at the game, we will tell you how to win playing craps.

Many players are lured by the popularity and high ranking of the dice game craps.

How To Win At Craps Every Time?

To always win playing craps, you need a certain set of abilities, disposition, and knowledge to be good at craps. Players must also determine and adhere to the ideal Craps strategy for their playstyle, financial situation, and needs. Before diving into the murky waters of competitive play, gamblers should become familiar with the game’s rules and intricacies.

Craps Betting Strategy For Beginners

We advise new players to practice the game’s rules and tactics with free online craps games before moving on to real money. Our “safe” or “low risk” craps betting strategy tips below are meant to assist players to become more knowledgeable about the game. Have some fun and possibly gain a few small profits in the process:

craps betting strategy
What is the best craps betting strategy for beginners?

Pass Line Craps Strategy – Best Craps Bets

The easiest craps betting strategy is to wager on the pass line. Pass line bets that win have a low house advantage of 1.41%. Then, you can stand to make even money (1:1). In the come-out roll, players can begin this basic craps strategy by wagering on the pass line. The pass line wager triumphs if the dice land on 7 or 11 here at most trusted online betting site.

Don’t Pass/Don’t Come Craps Strategy: Best Odds In Craps

This craps betting strategy is ideal for playing craps online because it won’t gain you any friends at the table.

Players who use the Don’t Pass/Don’t Come strategy against the shooter by placing a Don’t Pass wager. Players effectively win if the shooter lands on 2 or 3, and lose if they do so on 7 or 11.

In addition, the Don’t Pass wager is a push and players get their money back if a 12 is thrown. Also, players should place a Don’t Come wager if a point is thrown. The Don’t Come bet, like the Pass Bet, pays out if the shooter rolls a 2 or 3, and 12 results in a push. Moreover, the Don’t Pass wager serves as the cornerstone for advanced “Dark Side” techniques, which are covered later.

At 1.46%, this strategy’s house advantage is slightly lower than the Pass Line strategy’s. The odds of winning Don’t Pass bets are lower because 7 contains the most possible dice combinations.

Intermediate Craps Betting Strategies

Let’s say, you understand the game’s rules and the best odds in craps, as well as the craps bets to avoid. Our intermediate craps strategies will help you improve on beginner tactics with extra bets and techniques. So, it can help reduce the house edge and potentially increase your payout odds. In addition, we will specifically cover Dark Side methods, in which participants wager against the shooter in a craps game. Before you play craps, don’t forget to claim the best casino bonus for Singaporeans.

Craps Odds Betting Strategy

When it comes to the best mathematical craps strategy, players can’t do much better than lay the odds. Laying the odds, like all Dark Side methods, involves players gambling against the shooter and other players.

When laying the odds, professional craps players predict that the shooter will toss a 7 before a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. In addition, these are only possible after the Point has been established. These bets have no house edge because the probability of these landing is scientifically fair. On the downside, the payout chances are lower than for other bets. When laying the odds against 4 or 10 it pays out at 1:2. On the other hand, bets on 5 or 9 payouts at 2:3, and bet on 6 or 8 pays out at 5:6.

Craps Press Betting Strategy

The Press strategy is also known as the Press-and-Pull strategy. When the Place bet lands four times, pro craps players press their bets and pull their earnings.

How to make living playing crap?

Assume a player wants to place a wager on 6. The payout odds on this bet are 7:6, thus the player places a $6 investment. This stake pays out $7 if the dice land on a 6. Also, the player will maintain $1. Then, urge the dealer to push it to $12 in the Press method.

craps betting strategy
How to make a living playing craps?

If the 6 lands again before the point, the player wins $14. However, with the Press approach, the player will want to add $4 to the stake and request that the dealer press it to $30. If the dice land on 6 a third time, the player’s winnings will be increased by$1, bringing the Place bet total to $66.

The player will collect $77 on that wager. Then, they will take their total winnings of $143 off the table if the dice land on a 6 for the fourth time.

The Press betting strategy lets the players win significant sums with little use of their bankroll. Instead, they effectively double their wagers with their gains after each round.

Also, players only used $10 of their bankroll in the aforementioned case. The drawback of the Press approach is that there are few chances of getting a number three or four times in a row before a seven. Players who use this aggressive craps technique could end up losing more money than they had originally planned.

6/8 Craps Betting Strategy

Because they often have a minimal house edge, progression betting techniques are well-liked in craps. Because 6 and 8 have the second-highest odds of coming up on the dice, players choose to adopt the 6/8 craps strategy over other placing bets (besides 7).

Pro craps players use this tactic to place a $6 place wager on the numbers 6 and 8. Players take their winnings and place another wager if the dice land on one of the numbers.

If they lose their wager, they place another one but this time they bet more money. Some prefer to boost their bets by a certain amount, while others double them every time.

Players can go for extended stretches without winning with progressive betting tactics, which are also somewhat dependent on streaks. Only those who are comfortable gambling with money they can afford to lose should try out this craps betting method. You can try this craps betting strategy while you are playing at your favorite online casino in Singapore.

Advanced Craps Strategy

Professional craps players demand a sophisticated betting strategy for craps that will raise the stakes of their gaming. Additionally, they aren’t hesitant to play with long-term or brief one-roll strategies and place large, aggressive wagers. Try your hand at some of the advanced craps betting methods listed below:

3 Point Molly Craps Betting Strategy

Players need to have a substantial bankroll to use this aggressive craps strategy. The strategy of 3 Point Molly calls for players to stake the maximum amount of money on numerous wagers that have minimal house edges and respectable winning odds.

How to win playing craps using 3 Point Molly?

Here, there are many small wins spread out throughout the craps game. So, players may be able to reduce any losses from these repeated bets. Here’s how to use the 3 Point Molly craps strategy:

  • Place a bet on the Pass Line.
  • On the other hand, you can place a Come bet. Then, you should bet max odds on the point.
  • Also, move your come bet to the next “Point”.
  • Additionally, you should place bets on three numbers on the craps table.
  • Then, continue to play until the point, 7, or 11 is thrown.

Many expert players believe 3 Point Molly to be a smart craps strategy since it protects their Pass Line bet. However, all players should keep in mind that this is an aggressive strategy that necessitates a substantial bankroll.