when to split in blackjack
Blackjack Split Rules: When To Split In Blackjack?

The split bet in blackjack is an important component in the player’s duel with the dealer. Learn what it is all about and when to split in blackjack sensibly.

Splitting can potentially help you improve a bad hand in blackjack. Moreover, it can completely change the game when used in the right situation and with the right knowledge.

By splitting, you can create two new, independent hands out of a pair. Knowing when to split is crucial because if you don’t, you must double your initial wager. Moreover, your game could succeed or fail depending on it.

Additionally, don’t be intimidated by this action’s requirement for mental agility and situational awareness. To add this strategic move to your arsenal, we want to help you better understand when can you split in blackjack.

What Is Blackjack Splitting?

Having two cards with the same value after the initial deal allows you to split. According to the blackjack split rules, you must make a second wager that is exactly as much as your first one. You can play each hand according to the normal procedure after the dealer deals you new cards for both of them.

When playing blackjack, splitting allows you to turn one losing hand into two winning ones. Thus, saving your game from losing. Additionally, you can use various strategies for every hand on the table.

when to split in blackjack
When to split in blackjack?

Meanwhile, your profits will double if everything goes according to plan. In contrast, you lose twice as much money if the cards are not on your side. That is why it is crucial to know when to split in Blackjack.

When Do You Split In Blackjack?

Let’s say you now have your first two cards, which are a pair. How can you tell if you should split up?

Fortunately, there are statistics on when to split in blackjack.

In gambling, there are ways to increase your chances even though there are no guarantees. You can learn what to look for and what to avoid by comparing the mathematically advantageous and adverse card combinations below.

Best Blackjack Hands To Split

Two blackjack pairs are found to be the best ones to split out of all the others. Let’s take a look at what they are and why they are the best blackjack hands to split.

Pair Of Aces – Split In Blackjack

Aces are flexible because they can be either one or eleven. However, if you have a pair, they are instantly counted as one and eleven. To win if you don’t split, you would need a 9 on your future card.

Let’s consider that the value of your subsequent card is 10. To get to 12, then you would have to count each ace as one.

But if you split them, you have a much better chance of getting to 21. Now that the next hit is coming, you have two cards that can be somewhat modified. Then again, not splitting when dealt two aces is foolish.

Pair Of Eights: Blackjack Split Rules

A pair of 8s is generally considered to be a bad hand in Blackjack. Moreover, they add up to 16. Therefore, the likelihood of bankruptcy is fairly high.

Good thing that you can make a bad hand into two better hands by splitting eights. Each has a decent chance of reaching 18 in a game where the dealer typically stands on 17.

Blackjack Splitting Rules: Never Split When…

According to statistics, you shouldn’t split the following cards unless you want to hurt your wallet.

Then again, if that’s your cup of tea, there is no condemnation here.

Never Split A Pair Of Tens

Two 10s are a strong hand that is worth 20. By splitting the pair, you run the risk of making two less strong hands.

The “golden rule of blackjack” may, however, have some exceptions, according to some experts. Learn more about when splitting 10s might be advantageous.

when to split in blackjack
Should you split a pair of ten?

Do Not Split In Blackjack When You Have A Pair Of Fives

Your next card should be placed in the perfect position because two 5s equal 10. Now would be a wise time to double down in blackjack.

In this case, splitting only involves splitting your hand into two awkwardly sized pieces.

Pair Of Fours? Never Split In Blackjack.

It’s impossible to lose all of your chips with an eight-card hand, making it still a respectable hand. Only a 5, 6, or 7 will help if you split this pair. Otherwise, nothing will change. So, the best course of action is to hit and maintain fours.

When To Split In Blackjack Based On The Dealer’s Up Card?

The dealer’s up card is one of the key elements of blackjack that cannot be overlooked. Here are some of the scenarios that rely on this important variable.

Split If You Have 6s And The Dealer’s Up Card Is Between 2-6.

In this situation, there is a good chance that the dealer will fail. Besides, the most frequent card value in blackjack is 10. Therefore, splitting your sixes gives you the chance to obtain a ten card.

Do Split If You Have 9s And The Dealer’s Up Card is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 9.

You should split your nines when the dealer reveals a card from 2 to 9, excluding a 7. Because if you receive a 10, the outcome will probably be favorable to you.

However, if the dealer has a 7, don’t split when you have 9s. It’s because they have a decent chance of receiving a 10. Moreover, it would put the dealer in a difficult position with a 17. At the same time, it gives you the advantage with an 18.

If The Dealer’s Up Card Is A 2–7 And You Have A 2, 3, Or 7, Do Split.

You’ll probably lose all of your money if you play a pair of 2s, 3s, or 7s in one or two hands. It is best to split these pairs. Then, you hope that you receive better cards and that the dealer’s hand continues to be weak.

Blackjack Split Rules Of Online Casinos

It’s always a good idea to check the blackjack rules for the variation you’re playing. In addition, check for any modifications at the physical or online casino in Singapore where you’re playing.

Split rules are not exempt from this ambiguity. So, before you play, make sure to check the following:

  1. Some online casino Singapore only permit the splitting of cards with a ten-value if they are of the same rank. Splitting a hand of 10-10 is acceptable, but not, for instance, a hand of jack-queen.
  2. Furthermore, double down and additional hand splitting may be prohibited after the initial split.
  3. Additionally, an ace and a ten-card may be considered a non-blackjack 21 after the first split.
  4. In general, you are not permitted to hit more than once after splitting aces.

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